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The Rabbit- Proof Fence

Summary: These young girls known as Aborigines are taken away from their mother due to their racial background and are put behind a long "rabbit-proof" fence that divides the Australian outback so they can't escape. Australians don't obviously want to be mixed in with such race. But these girls find a way to escape. How you say? Well let's just say they find one alright and walk thousands of miles just to go meet their family and get away from such cruel acts. This movie will take you through the girls' experiences and back in time.

Opinion: This historical movie will make you cry your eyes out. It's a great and interesting movie! It makes history interesting, instead of boring. It brings you back in time and it makes you wonder how people survived back then and how life was like. There's also a book "The Rabbit-Proof Fence" by Doris Pilkington but I haven't read it yet. Although, I hope to someday.

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