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-:- Yasmeen (pronounced: yass-mean) -:- 20 yrs : I.O.U online uni student : Seattle, WA [USA] : ✎ Snail Mail Addict, Letter Writer : Photography : Creative- likes to think outside the box

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To me, penpalling/snail mail is great! I love getting something for me in the mail! Just opening the mailbox and seeing something that says "To: Yasmeen" is like the best gift ever. It's like SURPRISE! Yea, I know I must be lame since there's emailing, texting, iming, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on and on. But mail, in my opinion, is much more special to me because you know somebody took time on it and all (although, of course I do email and blog). Writing isn't lame...well ok in my opinion it isn't. Wrtiting expresses who you are and that's what I love about it.  You can also learn about different countries (culture, food, language, etc.) and get to make friends through penpalling. I also love getting packages and letters that have cute stationary! I started penpalling when I was let's see...around 9 or 10 years old and I stopped when I was 12 years old. I stopped because I thought that there were no more pen pals and technology came in more- like emailing and texting. It was like the post office was extinct and who knows, it probably will be in the future. Who knows? But I started back on to penpalling as a hobby of mine and I realized that there are still so many teenage penpals out there believe it or not. I've gotten some great letters with some great penpals! A lot of penpalling sites aren't real but there is a forum that's on Postcrossing (located on the right side of my blog) where you can find penpals. Postcrossing is a site where you exchange postcards but on the Postcrossing Forum, there are different topics like Pen-Friendships. I also love the blog called "PenPal Junkie". On "PenPal Junkie", the owner sells stationary, letter sets, stickers, and you can find penpals here.

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  1. A blog you might want to check out, relating to letters, is www.goodnightlittlespoon.com