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5:37 PM
by Yasmeen

Sweet 16th Happy Birthday Comments From Layoutshere.com
Yep, I'm the Sweet 16! I just turned 16 years old today (November 3)! Whoopie! :) I just don't feel any different. Well actually my mom said it looks like I'm getting old, especially since I forgot about my birthday. Ha, ha, very funny mom! Although, it was sad to forget my birthday but at least I remembered it. I'm glad to be 16! I mean it's a pretty sweet number to be! :) It's sad because I'm growing up so fast...wahh! But I hope to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it while I can! I've had lots of memories as I've grown up and they will never fade away. It's fall season now and I love it because every fall when I see leaves fall down, it's like every leaf is a memory and then when you pile up the leaves, you just feel like you're jumping in a pile of memories. Then when spring comes, it'll be like new memories are forming with everything growing back (flowers and tree leaves). That's how I think of it as!


  1. Hope you had a great day my first born! :) You can stop growing now.... as your mother, I command you to do so. :) Love ya!

  2. Happy late birthday!!:D 16 isn't that amazing, but still is if that makes sense! it's nice though cuz now i don't feel really weird saying my age!xD