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-:- Yasmeen (pronounced: yass-mean) -:- 20 yrs : I.O.U online uni student : Seattle, WA [USA] : ✎ Snail Mail Addict, Letter Writer : Photography : Creative- likes to think outside the box

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Help my goal of 2,011 letters for the 2011 Year come true! :)

My name is Yasmeen. I'm 16 years old and live in the USA. I love snailmail/penpaling and learning about different cultures/countries/languages.

For 2011, my goal is to collect 2,011 letters by the end of 2011 & I need your help to accomplish this goal. Who's willing to help me accomplish my goal for the BIG 2011? It's going to be exciting!

For the letter, I would like a nice, pretty, neat letter with information about yourself, your life, your travels, your country, etc.

If you want to write about your country, here's what you can write about :

- Capital
- President or Prime Minister
- School System
- Government
- Interesting Facts
- If possible, I would this part of this letter to be decorative/pretty/cute. Attach pictures, stickers, glitter or use scrapbook/pretty/cute stationary paper.

If you wish to write about yourself, maybe you can write:

- Name
- Age
- Birthday
- About Me
- My Favorite Hobbies
- My Favorite Tv shows/Movies
- My Favorite Stores
- My Collections
- My Travels/Vacations
- My Room or House
- My School
- My Friends
- If possible, I would love to see photos of everything listed about you that I listed above, and written on nice or cute stationary. Feel free to make this page also decorative!

Feel free to send postcards, bus/airline/movie/museum tickets, candy, brochures, books in different language, little flag of your country, or just anything that tells me about your country and your native language along with your written letters.

I hope maybe I can be penpals with some people that I meet! 

Let's make 2,011 letters happen for 2011! Will you help me? Then you've come to the right post...come on right ahead and send me an email 
(j-adore94@hotmail.com). I'll be so glad to hear from you!

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