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-:- Yasmeen (pronounced: yass-mean) -:- 20 yrs : I.O.U online uni student : Seattle, WA [USA] : ✎ Snail Mail Addict, Letter Writer : Photography : Creative- likes to think outside the box

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I've been trying to update my blog as much as I can. Lately, I have been so busy with homeschooling, preparing for college, working on swaps, and writing to my snail mail pals! Of course, I just need to have some free time to get to relax and I try mostly to spend my free time with my blogs. Speaking of blogs, I now have an Instagram--for those of you who want an Instagram, you can get the app on your Ipod Touch/Iphone for free on your Apple Store app--and a Tumblr. I signed up for Instagram 6 weeks ago(?) and I now have 92 followers (maybe even more as the number of followers keeps increasing)....yay! I love doing Instagram so much! It's quite easy and simple!  It's like having a Flickr or Picasa, where I can just post my pictures and add tags/captions, except Instagram is way better and makes my photos look a bit realistic, I guess you could say. Plus, Instagram is way popular (even celebrities have an Instagram). Also on Instagram, people can like and even comment on my photos. What I've been really is to have at least one of my photos be on the popular page, but as long as people love my pictures and leave comments/likes, that's what makes my day :) As I mentioned earlier, I also have a Tumblr, which I signed up for way before I got an Instagram account. I hardly work on my Tumblr though, but now with my Instagram account, I can easily put up my pictures on Tumblr too with just a click of a button. I have gotten so SO many likes, comments, and followers on both...it's amazing! I feel like a professional photgrapher, lol. Though I do very much love taking photos! It's pretty fun for me to do during my free time! I know I have been neglecting my other blogs (like this one), which I should be ashamed of because I have left my lovely followers and viewers with no new posts :( I guess I just have been lazy to even type...eek! But I'm hoping to squeeze blogging into my schedule, so hopefully you all can look forward to new posts and a better blog. 

Feel free to visit...

...my Instagram under the username yas1994 or my name, Yasmeen A.

... my Tumblr J'adore Blanche:

...oh and if you don't happen to have an Instagram account, you can view my Instagram through my Webstagram here. You can still like and comment my photos there too just as you could on my Instagram:

You will find that most of my photos are of my new Pullip doll, Blanche; my mom and little sister's Blythe dolls, quotes, snail mail, swaps, cute and kawaii stuff, and lots more! Just whatever comes to my mind (or my eyes for that matter), I just simply take a picture of it and share it with all my viewers who are free to see them! :)

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