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11:11 AM
by Yasmeen

So on Saturday, I heard on the weather forecast that we would be expecting a big snow storm here in Southwest Virginia on Monday and at first, I thought that was unbelievable because I thought winter would be over for us considering we have been having warm weather. But Monday came along and I looked outside my bedroom window and guess what I saw? You guessed it...I saw snow coming down. So I went outside to enjoy our first snow of the year and to take some photos to post on Instagram. As 10 minutes passed by while I was outside, the snow came down harder and the ground was practically covered in snow. I'll have to show you guys the photos of our backyard before it snowed that day and after. Though I do hate winter, I must say it looked like winter wonderland in our backyard.

The bad thing was our electricity went out in our neighborhood due to the heavy snow weighing down on our electric lines, so we were freezing and hungry. We used candles as lights in our house and to help us get somewhat warm.

Since our Internet was off, we listened to our old fashioned radio. I actually love listening to the radio! I would have enjoyed living in the 1940's with radios as a source of entertainment! :) Wouldn't you? Then I went to work on replying to my penpals. It was pretty cool to be writing penpal letters near candle light. So far, I have written and sent 5 penpal letters and will be writing more this weekend (hopefully).

We didn't get our electricity back on until noon time on Tuesday, which was a long time in my opinion. But I'm happy to have electricity now!

Now it's Friday (of course) and the weather is warm (66 degrees Farenheit) and it's raining like crazy. Virginia weather can be crazy at times and unexpected. Though I hope this means the end to winter...at least I really hope so. Did any of you get any big snow storms this year (or last year)? Any plans this weekend?


  1. I saw your comment about wanting to be pen pals. I would love to! Email me your address and I'll get started on your letter. My email is: mscdyson@ymail.com.


  2. Hello Yasmeen,
    Nice that your are going to follow my blog. My gmail en google account was not working so well, so I send you this message on you blog. Welcome!

  3. Hey there :) I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :) Just have a look at my blog post for more informations :)

    Valeria xx

    1. hey!! Aww, thank you- how kind of you! I'd be very happy to read more about it and to post it soon, thanks again! :) xoxo

      P.S. I apologize for my extremely late reply.

  4. Hey! Super cute picture! I don't have time for writing now :( stupid finals but this summer i'm traveling!
    I'm also doing photography, postcrossing and crafting!
    So you just gained a new follower!!!!

    Much love, The mind of an exchange

    1. Why, hello Melissa! :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment/compliment! I highly appreciate it! Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah, I'll be having finals soon too. Studies has kept me from my doing my fun hobbies :( But traveling sounds like fun! I hope you'll have a great summer! Where do you plan to travel to? :-3

      I'll definitely have to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo